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Should I Exercise During Pregnancy?

Exercise During Pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, you might find it challenging to keep meals down, huff and puff to make it to the bathroom, and experience changes in your body. And in all these, hitting the gym might be the last thing you will want to do.

However, a growing research body suggests that exercising during pregnancy has numerous benefits for you as well as your baby.

Even taking a simple walk around your home or a short stretching session can help to improve your mood, provide you with better sleep, ease labor and ensure a speedy recovery.

Thus, in case you need some motivation to put on those exercising sneakers, here it is.

Importance of Pregnancy Exercise for Moms

Should I exercise during pregnancy

For most of your adult life, you have probably been aware that regular exercise, whether that means a bike ride, yoga class, or run, can help you in keeping the pounds off and assist in preventing diseases such as type-2 diabetes.

There are even more irresistible reasons to keep moving during pregnancy even if you have not had a good exercise routine before.

Below are some of the reasons why you should exercise during pregnancy:

1. Provides you with an energy boost

Pregnancy can diminish the amount of energy you have, particularly during the first and last trimesters. Carrying out regular exercises like brisk walking helps in strengthening your lungs and heart. It can also make you feel less stressed out and tired.

With toned and strong muscles, you will require less effort to carry out some tasks, whether you are at work or home.

2. Prepares your body for childbirth

The better shape you are in, the stronger you will be able to go through labor and birth. Childbirth needs stamina and energy, thus exercising during pregnancy is a good way to prepare for the daunting task that lies ahead.

Maintaining a regular aerobic exercise routine such as swimming, walking or low-impact aerobics might trigger smooth childbirth and also make it less likely for you to have a caesarean.

3. Makes you less vulnerable to certain pregnancy complications

Regular exercise during pregnancy might assist in reducing your risk of contracting pre-eclampsia, in case you are about developing the condition.

It might also minimize your risk of getting diabetes during pregnancy (also known as gestational diabetes). In case you do develop diabetes, regular exercise can help you in managing your blood sugar levels when complemented with a healthy diet.

4. Boost your mood

Boost your mood new

Women tend to become more vulnerable to depression during pregnancy. It has been estimated that one in every two women reported increased anxiety or depression during pregnancy.

However, research has revealed that exercise during pregnancy minimizes depression. It also releases endorphins which assist in improving mood while reducing anxiety and stress.

5. Reduce blood pressure

Blood pressure usually goes up when you are pregnant, however, too much of it could be a warning symptom of preeclampsia. Staying agile has been found to maintain blood pressure and keep it from rising.

Exercising during pregnancy is especially necessary for every woman. It has several and immeasurable benefits. We recommend you give it a try to find out these benefits for yourself.