why pregmatters.com

Welcome to pregmatters.com the co-creation of many with the passion for supporting strong beautiful, fulfilled, and inspired families and children around the world. This site has been built from a place of love and learning.

Kia Kripshore

Kia Kripshore,

Mother, friend, Creator...

As a mother of 3 all out of nappies and in school and even high school I have a little bit of experience creating a family. I make mistakes and I only know they are mistakes in hindsight. We are all choosing the best option as we see it in this moment in time.

Pregnancy and birth are just the beginning and I remember the first days in the hospital with my first so clearly (with all three, however the first is the most dramatic change from your previous understanding of life). The immense love that you feel is quite life changing. I have also felt the fear, the isolation, the joy and connection, the pain and trauma, the excitement, the exhaustion, the sheer love exploding out of me, the relentlessness, the hurt and sadness, the utter contentment. Family brings forth what is already inside us and sometimes those programs, beliefs and values serve us well. Other times they replay the past and create a life we don’t want.

When we choose to become a parent the creation of happy thriving families, loving, confident, and resilient children is our goal; the stuff that comes our way is just a result of this goal AND is how we get there. The challenges are what afford us growth and wisdom.

Pregnancy matters, Parents matter, children matter, communities’ matter, the Earth matters. We each have our unique gift for this world and together with compassion, understanding, love, forgiveness and knowing our true selves we can create the world we want to live in. One day at a time.

Pregmatters.com is about both pregnancy matters and that pregnancy MATTERS. This site is for all those new and old parents that want to fast track their growth as a person and fulfill their goals of happy thriving families and happy thriving children.

I give my knowledge, experience, and love forth through the curation of information that is pregmatters.com

Much Love KK xx