Top Benefits of Using Pregnancy Pillows

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Top Benefits of Using Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnant Women With Pregnancy Pillow

You might have been seeing lots of recommendations about pregnancy pillows and wonder if you should get one. Yea, during pregnancy, you need lots of comfort while sleeping to prevent aches and pains.

Not only that but after your baby is born, your body is still very sensitive and needs something soft during breastfeeding. That’s the essence of an ergonomic pregnancy pillow (also known as nursing pillow).

However, not many mothers are aware of the benefits that come with using an inexpensive and simple device like the breastfeeding pillow.

These pillows are important because the position in which you carry and hold your baby and how you sit while breastfeeding is important for attaining a proper latch.

Here are the top benefits associated with the use of a pregnancy pillow:

During pregnancy

Pregnant Women Sleeping With Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnant Women Sleeping With Pregnancy Pillow

Backaches and several other discomforts while sleeping are typical problems among pregnant women. This gets worse in the last trimester when your baby bump becomes larger.

You can utilize the pregnancy pillow for providing support to your back. You can also keep it between your legs for comfort and beneath your belly when you are side-sleeping.

During breastfeeding

Young Mother Breastfeeds Baby

Young Mother Breastfeeds Baby

It helps your newborn latch properly

The position of your body while holding your baby is very vital for a good latch. This could be achieved easily using a breastfeeding pillow.

Both you and your newborn will feel more comfortable while breastfeeding, particularly in case you delivered through C-section.

It helps provide relief from reflux

Most newborns suffer from colic and this can result in weight loss. However, holding up your baby’s head while feeding would provide him or her some comfort from any reflux.

When you utilize a breastfeeding pillow, your newborn’s head will be in the proper position to minimize any discomfort from reflux.

It assists while bottle-feeding

Your newborn’s head will be well supported when you utilize a breastfeeding pillow. It will also make feeding her with a bottle more comfortable.

It can be utilized by older babies

After the first weeks, breastfeeding would become less stressful for you and your baby and you might not need a breastfeeding pillow anymore.

But, it could still come in handy. As soon as the baby has started moving, the breastfeeding pillow can be used as a support for the newborn’s tummy time and also for sitting up.

Pregnancy pillows are not just meant for breastfeeding mothers – bottle-feed infants can utilize them too.

Most times nursing a bottle-fed newborn can be even more stressful on your shoulders and back. Hence, investing in a nursing pillow is an amazing way of ensuring your posture survives!

Final Remark

Breastfeeding can be daunting, particularly for new moms. You and your newborn will have to learn together the most appropriate techniques for breastfeeding. This may or may not go as plan. A breasting pillow can be very important at this stage. You can buy a breastfeeding pillow quite inexpensively from any pregnancy pillows retailer. You can also find them online.

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