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Simple tricks to put baby to sleep

Sleeping Baby

You might have heard his name before now, but Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin is presently the toast of parents around the world.

The Swedish behavioral linguist and psychologist is the developer of “The Rabbit Who Wishes to Fall asleep,” a short book that is so hypnotic; it literally makes the listener or reader fall asleep. Amazon reviews rate the sequel The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall Asleep” even more highly and particularly the audiobook.

The 35-page paperback utilizes positive and psychological reinforcement techniques to assist kids to relax, focus and finally dose off. It is so successful that it is presently the number 1 bestselling book on Amazon.

Forssen Ehrlin said the book took over four years to perfect. With help from parents, who are asked to yawn and emphasize a certain word, he suggested that the story presents “the oral equivalent of trying to get a baby to sleep”.

However, what if “The little Elephant Who wants to Fall Asleep” cannot usher your restless baby into the land of sleep? Below are four tricks that may help to bring on the Zzzzzz.

Table of Contents

Be boring

Be Boring

Little babies do not have a grasp of when it is either night and day; however, they do know when mummy wants to play. In case your baby wakes up at in the morning crying and you respond by actively trying to keep them entertained, they will rightly believe that it is time to play.

Then, when you put them back on the bed again, they will be awake and confused that you are leaving. Rather, act boringly and calmly. Feed your baby in case they need to be fed, do not say too much, and try putting them back to bed without too much bodily contact.

Turn on a fan

Turn On A Fan

Alien sounds such as a fox outside or an individual slamming the door in the nearby house could disturb small kids and babies. Yea, babies relax quickly when the environment around them feels secure.

By turning on the fan, you can help in drowning out some external sounds, thus helping the baby to sleep off and then remain asleep.

Also, you can purchase albums of white noise which carry out the same function. But, remember that MP3s and CDs come to an end after one hour or so, at which point your baby may wake up again.

Ensure the room is cool

Ensure The Room Is Cool

You perhaps know that lights can keep kids (and even grown-ups) awake, but did you know that our chosen sleep patterns also reacts to temperature?

Though it sounds counterintuitive, placing a blanket over your baby’s feet can also be of help. The blood vessels in warm feet open up, thus prompting the body to transfer blood from your core organs and torso to your lower legs. Your body’s general temperature starts dropping as a result of this.

Leave the room

Leave The Room

It is tempting for you as a parent to stay in the room to assist your baby fall asleep; but as soon as small babies grow up to become toddlers, this can become a problem when they wake up and find the whole room empty.

They instantly feel unprotected, and call for help. Instead, try setting a dark, comfortable environment to help your kid fall asleep.

You can follow the tricks above to put your baby to sleep. However, it is essential that you study your baby and understand what really works. If the trick doesn’t work and your baby is restless for a long period, it might be a sign of discomfort or health problem. Try to reach out to your pediatric doctor for proper check-up.