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How to Know If Your Baby is Angry

Angry And Upset Baby
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Learning how to understand your baby’s cues is like learning a second language, except with more exhaustion and pressure. Little wonder many women stress about not being able to figure out what their baby needs or not understanding some of its clues.

Although it isn’t always easy or intuitive to understand, babies definitely have a language of their own that they use in communicating with us.

Learning how to read the signs that your baby is angry, tired, hungry, or in pain may look like a difficult task.

However, as time goes on, you will easily understand your baby’s needs as their unique emotional cues will become straightforward and natural.

Being able to read the signs that your baby is angry before the anger becomes too severe can save you a lot of tension and confusion in the future.

Below are some signs that your baby is mad at you:

1. They Are Trying to Learn a New Skill

Like adults, babies also get frustrated before getting used to a new skill. As your baby learns how to crawl, rollover, walk, or hit a new milestone, you might notice moments where it easily gets frustrated.

This is completely okay and would pass as soon as they master or acquire the skill.

2. They Cry For Unknown Reasons

All babies are not the same. While some are extremely laid back and easy to make happy, others tend to be more demanding. They could also get frustrated or emotional faster.

Research has noted that unsatisfied, sensitive, and intense are all words that could best describe a baby with high needs.

If your baby cries often for no obvious reasons (once they have ruled out pain, sickness, and hunger) then it’s time you think of visiting your doctor.

3. They Arch Their Back

Babies could arch their back when they are angry. According to parents, it could also be a sign of frustration.

So if you don’t seem to understand what’s wrong with your baby, and you observe it arching it’s back repeatedly (like before and after feeding sessions), it is clear sign that your baby may be angry.

4. They Are Overly Tired or Hungry

Can you imagine what will happen if you have a babysitter who doesn’t know how to feed your baby whenever you are running late? It means you might likely meet your baby crying angrily when you arrive, meaning that your baby’s requirement hasn’t been met yet.

The same thing can happen whenever your baby hasn’t slept well. They will move beyond yawning and rubbing their eyes to becoming overly-tired and angry babies. Yea, since it is difficult for babies to communicate, crying is one of the major ways in which they express frustration and anger.

Final Remark

Learning how to understand your baby and being able to solve most of their anger issues is very crucial. By knowing why your baby is upset you can know the best way to tackle the problem.