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Here’s What Every New Mom Needs to Know about Parenting

Mother With Baby

Becoming a parent could be a bit challenging, particularly when you get advice from all sides. So we have compiled this short guide of quick tips from parents and experts to get started, and also provide you with the confidence you need to accept and embrace your new role.

1. Live in the now

You now have permission to stop worrying too much about your checklist – buying diapers, doing the laundry, pumping – and learn how to be present with your child. Enjoy your precious time together.

2. Do not force your kids to eat

It is important to avoid being forceful when it comes to feeding your baby. Don’t push too hard; babies tend to eat much when they feel very hungry, but when they refuse to take in more, make sure you stop.

3. Maintain an early bedtime routine

When you put your baby to bed early, it gets enough time to sleep and grow healthily. Not only that, but you also get a change to rest well and refresh yourself.

4. Say no

The better you get at saying no to certain requests that are not good for your baby, the fewer times you will need to do so.

You could say no once in the grocery shop when your baby asks to purchase a carton of chocolates, or you could say it every morning once that carton of chocolate is sitting in your refrigerator at home.

5. Create mini traditions.

Place balloons on your kitchen counter or hang them around your kitchen table the night before your baby’s birthday so she can wake up to a unique and special day.

Make a hilarious noise when it is just you and your babies in an elevator. Come up with a handshake that only they know and keep it for big moments.

6. Be prepared for sick days.

Stock up good rehydration drinks such as Gatorade, Vitamin Water, or Pedialyte so you don’t have to run to the pharmacy in the middle of the night when your baby is vomiting.

7. Know your kid

Each child is a special combination of challenges and strengths. Try tailoring your response to fit the baby in front of you.

8. Find your crew

Identify the people you can call whenever you need to vent – friends who will give out their opinion when you ask for it and also keep their mouth closed whenever you don’t.

And who would leave anything to be there for you and your baby and vice versa. Thank them often and love them hard.

9. Remember you are a role model

Make becoming a parent look appealing to your baby. Remember your baby is watching whatsoever you do, including how you speak and act towards others.

In case you are pouty or always fusing, your baby tends to become that. So ensure you practice positive habits and attitudes around your baby- you are its first “role model”

Final Remark

Becoming a good parent isn’t always a difficult task, especially if you know what needs to be done. You need to understand the parenting tips highlighted above and always remember you have a larger influence in what your baby grows to become.