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Easy Steps on How to Properly Bathe Your Newborn

Mother Bathing Baby

In case you have just given birth to your first baby, congratulations! The first few weeks or months of your child’s life are always an amazing time.

However, you may be pondering about how to bathe your newborn. Do not worry! It is actually a simple process and as soon as you get the hang of it, you will be a pro at bathing your baby in no time.

Keep on reading to find out the 6 simple steps for bathing your newborn.

When to Start Bathing Your Newborn

Many new mothers are not certain when to start bathing their babies. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends waiting for at least 24hrs after childbirth, before going ahead to give your newborn the first bath.

Bathing Supplies for a Newborn

Certain items are needed to provide your baby with the best bath, however, you won’t need any extraordinary thing. Below is a shortlist of what you will need when bathing your newborn:

  • A soft towel
  • A baby bathtub
  • A plastic cup
  • Gentle Shampoo
  • An ultra-soft washcloth
  • Gentle cleansing oil
  • A pair of clothes and clean diapers

As soon as you have been able to gather all the vital supplies, you are prepared to begin!

How to Properly Bathe a Newborn in 6 Simple Steps

Initially, bathing your newborn may seem like a big deal. However, after a few weeks, bathing your baby will be as easy and simple as changing their diaper.

Here is how to bathe a newborn in 6 easy steps!

Step 1: Get all the necessary newborn bathing items

First and foremost, ensure to always have all of the items we mentioned above easily available.

Select a stable place to set out all your newborn bathing items. Most parents love using a bathroom countertop, or just the bathtub itself.

Step 2: Fill your baby’s bathtub with water

The second step is simply filling the bathtub with water. You need two to three inches of water for bathing your baby.

The water temperature should be the same as thatof the human body—98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Anywhere between 90° F and 100°, F is highly recommended. Utilize a thermometer to ensure you have the perfect temperature.

Step 3: Carefully place your new baby in the bath

With one of your hands supporting the back of your newborn’s head and the other under their buttocks, carefully lower your baby into its bathtub.

Do not let them dive in head first! Always ensure your little one dip their toes in first.

Step 4: Begin with your baby’s face and head

Begin With Your Baby’s Face And Head

When bathing your baby, it is best, to begin with, their face and head because you need to wash those areas before the water becomes too soapy.

This minimizes the chance your newborn will get soap in their eyes when you are rinsing them off.

Step 5: Wash your newborn’s legs, arms, and torso

Once you have lathered and properly rinsed your newborn’s face and head, you can focus on their tummy, back, and leg.

These areas are often easier to wash than other sensitive places.Wash carefully and continue keeping an eye on your new baby.

Step 6: Carefully pat your new baby dry

As soon as you have finished bathing your new baby, you can then remove them from the bathtub and keep them on a soft, clean towel.

Use the towel to carefully pat them dry, maintaining the same order you washed your body.

Your newborn might feel cold a little bit when first brought out of the bath, hence it helps in drying them off quickly.

Now that you know the steps to take when bathing your newborn, you have got one less new baby task to worry about. Keep these 6 tips in mind and you will be a baby-bathing expert before you know it.