The 5 Rules of Safe Pregnancy Exercise

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The 5 Rules of Safe Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnant Women Exercising

Exercising during pregnancy helps in lifting your spirits and also prepares you for subsequent labour and childbirth. But it is vital to be extra careful while exercising during pregnancy.

Whether you are a conditioned athlete or a reformed couch potato, following these 5 rules can help in keeping you and your baby healthy and safe.

1. Always check with your healthcare provider first

Always Check With Your Healthcare Provider First
Always Check With Your Healthcare Provider First

You must always check with your doctor before starting, continuing, or even before changing a particular exercise routine.

In case you carried out regular exercise before getting pregnant and your pregnancy isn’t complicated, you could likely keep on working out as before, with just a few modifications.

But, in most cases it isn’t recommended to exercise during pregnancy, thus, you must always talk to your healthcare provider about your fitness routine to ensure your activities do not put you or your baby at risk.

In case you did not work out much before getting pregnant, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about starting a new exercise routine.

2. Get enough calories

Get Enough Calories
Get Enough Calories

Regular exercising burns calories, hence make sure you eat well to strengthen and nourish your body.

When you are pregnant, you tend to gain more weight naturally as your child grows. The total amount you need for gaining weight varies with regard to your pre-pregnancy weight.

3. Avoid dangerous sports

Avoid Dangerous Sports
Avoid Dangerous Sports

Avoid sports that have to do with a lot of contacts (such as soccer and basketball) as well as other activities that might throw you off balance, thus causing a fall, like surfing, horseback riding, downhill skiing, gymnastics, mountain biking or water skiing.

Cycling early while pregnant should be beneficial if you are already comfy on a bike, however, it is probably advisable to stick to bikes later in your pregnancy.

Stay away from racquet sports in case you have never played them before conceiving. This is because the sudden changes in direction and continuous movements could greatly affect your balance and make you fall.

4. Wear the most suitable clothes

Wear The Most Suitable Clothes
Wear The Most Suitable Clothes

Wear loose-fitting clothes that you can easily breathe in. Dress in layers hence it is easy to peel off a layer or more after you have warmed up or in case your body gets overheated.

Ensure your maternity bra is very supportive, and select athletic shoes that can fit properly.

If the size of your shoe changes due to mild swelling, throw away your pre-pregnancy sneakers and purchase a new pair.

You might choose to swap out the liners they originally came with for gel liners which provide better shock absorption.

5. Warm-up

Warm Up
Warm Up

Warming up helps in preparing your joints and muscles for exercise and also increases the rate of your heartbeat slowly.

In case you avoid warm-up and jump into difficult activity before your body is prepared, you could end up straining your ligaments and muscles and have more pains and aches after your workout.

Final Remark

Exercising during pregnancy is a good way to ensure good health for you and your baby. But it is important these exercise routines are carried out the right way. These five (5) rules for safe exercising during pregnancy is what you need to ensure you are exercising properly.

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