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Pregnancy Announcement Idea: Make an adorable video in minutes with the invideo tool

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Make An Adorable Video In Minutes With This Super Easy Tool

So the time has come. The time to share your happiness with the world make a video in minutes with the invideo tool.

The big news is something that people want to share with all their near and dear ones in the most adorable way possible. They call up their relatives, neighbors, ping them on social networking sites, go to other people’s houses just to share the great news. All the relatives and neighbors, in return, rejoice at such news and usher on the would-be parents with all their wishes and blessings.

If you are experiencing life in your tummy, we know how joyful and overwhelming you are feeling right now.

Today, we wanted to share with you how you can make the most adorable pregnancy announcement videos within a matter of mins using the world’s easiest video creation tool- InVideo.

First things first, sign-up for an account:

Go to InVideo and sign up here. InVideo is a freemium tool meaning, you can use it for free if you don’t mind InVideo’s watermark on your video. It has loads of templates for pregnancy announcements, baby showers, and adorable baby memoir videos.

Fill in all the details to sign up. You can also log in with your Gmail or Facebook account.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 1


Next, hunt for your favorite template.

After logging in your account, there are three ways to create a video:

  • pre-made template – choose from professionally designed templates.
  • article-to-video – convert an article or a poem to video.
  • blank template – start from scratch.

Choose the template that you love the most, and if you’re not confident about your creative abilities, don’t sweat it cause our templates are designed to make sure they grab eyeballs.

If you want to search for pre-made templates for your pregnancy announcement video, type keywords like “pregnancy” or “baby” in the search bar.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 2

Press enter, and you will be redirected to the next page.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 3

You will find several suggested templates for your pregnancy announcement video. You can preview the templates before choosing one for yourself.


Choosing the size of the template

Once you choose any particular template, select the size of the video you want to create. You can go for wide (16:9), vertical (9:16), or square (1:1), depending on which social media platform you want to post your video on.

For Youtube, use 16:9. For Instagram and Facebook feed, use 1:1. For Instagram and Snapchat stories, use 9:16.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 4

Once you have chosen the size of your template, click on ‘use this template,’ and the template will be made ready for you to start customizing. This is how the InVideo’s editor screen looks like:

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 5

How to Add photos and videos to your video:

Click on the ‘media’ at the top of the left panel, where you can add pictures and videos. You can choose premium footage from our in-built media library, or you can upload your own pictures and videos by dragging from your local computer and dropping in the left panel.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 6

In the right panel, you can see layers, where you can add or delete certain contents of the video. In the edit section, you can edit the entry, exit, and other animations that you want to do with your video.

If you want to change the template color to match it with your photos, you can do so by going to the “Change Project Colors” section.

How to add music to your video:

No celebration is complete without music.

Click on the music icon on the tool panel.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 7

Here you have two options- you can choose any music from InVideo’s collection or can upload your own file. InVideo has several tracks, and you can search them based on the different categories. You can upload up to 100 different songs for future use.

How to add text and stickers to your video:

If you want to add text to your video, click on the text option in the left panel. You will have the option of adding headlines, sub-headlines, and normal texts in different styled text boxes. You can also change the font and size of the texts with the options in the right panel.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 8

Make your video funny or cute to suit your personality by adding stickers and emoticons to your video. The sticker option is in the left panel, and clicking on it will give you a range of options as below. There are hundreds of flat and animated stickers you can choose from.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 9

How to add effects to enhance your video

next, give your video some jazz with additional effects from the left panel like confetti, fireworks, and so on. You will see several options opening up once you click on it. Here we have added Confetti effect:

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 10

Further, you can add different enhancers like collage layouts, masks, etc.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 11

How to remove watermark:

If you are going to make a lot of cute baby videos for your little one, we suggest that you go for the paid account.

Once you have successfully created the video and you want to remove the InVideo watermark, you will need to upgrade your free account to a business account. Click on the “Remove watermark” option, and the site automatically redirects you to your account upgradation link.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 12

How to preview and export the video

If you are satisfied with your video, click on preview and export at the top right corner of the page.

You can preview your final video before exporting:

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 13

You can export your video with or without the watermark by clicking on the respective option below the preview. You will be redirected to the next page where your video will be processed.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 14

Now sit back and relax or go get a coffee. Once your video is ready, you can download it on your computer by clicking on the download option.

Pregnancy Announcement Idea Step 15


How to share your video in different social networking sites

Share your newly created video on different social networking sites. You can make a new Instagram page for your baby to document her childhood memories, or create your own channel on Youtube and upload these videos there.

Videos are a great way to document your pregnancy period as well as your child’s growth.

Shower all your emotions, ideas, and memories into the video and make it a memorable one, so that even after several years, you can play the video and relive these precious moments.

Congratulations once again and all the very best 🙂