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Top Baby Names that will Trend in 2020

Small Baby
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It is a New Year; a new beginning and a new generation of beautiful millennium babies would be born. No doubt, babies would have to carry a name, and you’d like to know beautiful names that will trend in 2020.

Here are a few baby names trend you can be sure to see on your social media feeds and perhaps even select one for your baby in 2020.

1. Adah

All girl names beginning with the letter ‘A’ and also sound like “Ad” have currently been rising rapidly. Some of these names include; Adah and Adele, Adeline and all other spellings of Adelaide. Adah, a biblical name that is pronounced AH-dah, is a new baby name choice that will trend in 2020.


Actress Reese Witherspoon experienced a highly visible year in 2018 and 2019, between her book club and Big Little Lies. Now her name is becoming popular in 2020. Reese is a phonetic way of spelling the unisex name Welsh, meaning “ardor.”


Journalist Mika Brzezinski had some influence on how popular the name pronounced as “mee-ka” is becoming. However, it is also a brand new female version of Michael, taking over from the presently-flagging Mikayla and siblings.


Paisley is one of those great trendy names that moved quickly from unique and fresh to super trendy in 2020. Also, according to our data, the Scottish Paisley is one of the best baby’s names you should consider in 2020.


Amina is a cool Arabic name with Quranic importance – Amina was the mother of Prophet Muhammad.

The name Amina is undoubtedly becoming trendy in 2020 and it is a name you should consider for your new baby.


Nova is among those nouveau names that have been on the rise over the years. It is becoming one of the top 20 names on official baby names prediction charts for 2020. Nova can be considered as one of the names you should consider calling your baby.


Aura might be the least utilized name among top baby names in 2020. But it is a natural successor to other names like Arya and Aria. It carries an attractive spiritual feel and is also famous with Spanish speaking people. It is a name you should look out for in 2020.

Gender-neutral baby names

Why pass through the stress of battling over two sets of names for your baby when you can settle on one perfect name set? These days, more names are becoming suitable for both boys and girls.

Among the name which are suitable for both boys and girls, and which are becoming popular in 2020 include names like Emerson, Parker, Sage, Nova, and Noa.

Wildflower baby names

While there might be more Lilies and Roses around, there are several exotic blooms to choose from, and several parents are opting for something bolder.

New wildflower baby names trends in 2020 include names like Magnolia, Azalea, Poppy, Juniper, and Dahlia. You can choose from some of these names for your baby.


Final Remark

The above-listed are some of the top baby names trends in 2020. Hopefully, if you are a nursing mother, about to give birth and want a great name for your baby, then you can choose from any of these names for your baby.