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Little things that mean so much to kids

Some gestures might seem trivial to you as an adult, but to your little one, it goes a long way to make them smile. Yeah, those little moments and things can actually take the most room in your child’s heart, hence, you don’t have to them for granted. Read on to learn some little things that mean so much to kids. They can help create meaning in your family life and create memories that stick with your child.

1.Listen and notice

Sometimes, kids may want to share a story they heard with you or maybe a particular incidence that happened in their classroom.

Don’t try to ignore them; instead, listen and take note of every part of their story and let them know what it is you like about the whole gist. You can keep it going by asking “what did you do after that?”

2.Write a lovely note

You can hide a small note in your child’s lunch box telling them how much they matter to you. However, ensure you keep it simple for them to read and understand. It makes them happy and the memory lingers.

3.Put your phone down

Many parents make the mistake of mindless scrolling, especially when their kids are talking to them. But you may likely regret this after reading that news that may even turn out to be false.

4.Watch movies and listen to music together

You can introduce your favorite songs to your child from their tender age. You can tell them what you love about the songs or movies. This is one of the little things that mean so much to kids.

5.Read with them

Most kids love to read with someone else, especially their loved ones. Maybe you haven’t read to your child in a while due to some distractions.

But if you’re looking for things that mean so much to kids, then you can get them to choose a book read with them. It’s much fun for kids.

6.Look through photos

You probably have hundreds of pictures in your photo album, but when was the last time you sat down with your child to look through them? This is one of those little things that mean so much to kids. You can talk with them about the memories surrounding each picture. You can even throw in some light jokes to keep it fun.

7.Keep your promises

You will be making a big mistake if you fail to keep the promises you made to your child. They may end up losing trust in your words.

So if you tell them you’ll take them to the park after school or attend their school party, ensure you follow through and keep your words. It makes them feel loved and trust you with the big stuff too.

8.Teach them something

You can teach your kid how to sew, play piano, put up shelves, or do whatever skill you are good at. This helps them feel connected and they will be proud to know you do other things aside from being a parent.

Final Remark

Apart from cooking and providing for your kids, there are lots of things that stick to their mind even as they grow older. Besides, it strengthens the bond they have with you. You can try the little things that mean so much to kids, which are highlighted above, and you’ll notice how happy and excited your child would be around you.