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Bamboo Baby clothes; 3 great reasons to buy them for your baby

Important Baby Cloth Every New Parent Should Have

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Whether you are just beginning your baby registry, getting ready for your new baby’s arrival, or looking into the beautiful eyes of your growing baby, you might just want to consider bamboo baby clothes. Here are our 3 great reasons.

1. Bamboo baby clothes are super soft

Bamboo baby clothes are such a beautiful option for your little one because they are amazingly soft and cuddly. The material is softer than cotton and washes up even more supple and comforting every time

When you have a young baby sleep is so vital for both parents and baby, so knowing they are comfortable supports those all-important ZZZZZ. bamboo baby clothes

2. Bamboo baby clothes are sustainable

You are either fast realizing or well aware that babies go through a lot of stuff! If they are not soiling, wetting, vomiting, or dribbling all over their bibs, and rugs, and clothes they are growing out of them at a cracking pace. You need a lot of clothes. And particularly in the early days you want to have a few sizes at the ready. You may be lucky to have second-hand options that you are happy with. Perhaps a sibling or some relatives may have supplied you with some basics or special items. Possibly you have access to some great preloved markets or platforms you can use. However, if you want or need to buy new how can we do this in the most sustainable way? The easiest steps to follow are:

  1. Buy less- As we’ve just highlighted not always possible with babies however certainly worth really considering what you are using and your needs.
  2. Buy quality- bamboo is durable and sustainable
  3. Buy from sustainable brands like:
colored organics
Finn & Emma
Boob design
Boody ecowear

3. Bamboo baby clothes are naturally breathable and also absorbent

This amazing fabric is beautifully breathable regulating your baby’s temperature so that they are cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. And not only that it absorbs all the spit-up, dribble, and milk spills keeping it away from your baby’s skin so they are not irritated.

If we are talking sustainability, what are the newborn essentials in terms of bamboo baby clothes?

With all the beautiful stuff out there, it is easy to overlook the not-so-visible but so-vital baby clothes. Here, we have made a shortlist of the important baby clothing every new parent will want.

1. Bodysuits/ Rompers/ Onesies/ wondersuits/ footsies


In short, they are a complete outfit. They are whatever you want them to be nightwear, daywear, they are a staple. Baby bodysuits by which ever name you know them; Rompers/ footsies/ wondersuits/ onsies are functional clothes for your new baby. And at this stage we want practical! They clip up around the crotch which means they can’t ride up when your wriggley bundle is sleeping. They stay warm and secure and hopefully as a result ASLEEP!

They are a go-to shower gift, and, it is a good idea to have different sizes on hand, for your fast-growing newborn baby.

So these come in various configurations:

short sleeve short leg CHECK PRICES ON AMAZON
long sleeve short leg CHECK PRICES ON AMAZON
long sleeve long leg feet covered CHECK PRICES ON AMAZON
We do not recommend suits where your babies feet are trapped. It is much healthier for movement and brain development to have the feet free to feel and move stimulating those infant reflexes that are the foundation of motor and cognitive and development.
long sleeve long leg feet out CHECK PRICES ON AMAZON

2. Kimono Tops

Kimono Tops

These are by far the EASIEST newborn clothes.  They keep your baby’s chest and arms warm and give you instant nappy change access. In those early weeks in particular speed and ease at night are a savior. At this age, your baby is mostly still wrapped so the legs being uncovered is less of an issue. Of course in warmer climates and seasons they are perfect. You can get some basic options for sleepwear and of course, there are many super-beautiful creations. In addition, this style reduces contact with a baby’s still sensitive umbilical cord area.

Furthermore, while you and your newborn are still getting acquainted with dressing, having tops that do not have to pull over your baby’s face over can be a great advantage.


3. Baby Socks

Baby Socks

Picture baby’s socks as teeny weather controllers. Irrespective of what month your infant was born, having adequate socks makes it easier to ensure those teeny baby feet stay warm, whether it is artic inside or cold outside courtesy of different kinds of air conditioners.

Also, socks can help in creating an outfit out of anything, even though your baby is sporting only a bodysuit. Of course, newborns are notorious for kicking their socks away, thus always look for options with solid elastic tops.

4. Sleepers

Baby Sleepers

Pajamas, footie, sleepers – whatever you wish you call them, simply know that infants can do a lot more than sleep in those comfy one-piece looks. A sleeper is good for keeping your infant cozy and warm on outings or during a fun time at home, and they also make for simple diaper changes.

Always stock up some of these, because you will probably be going through at least one every night.

5. Booties and pajamas

Booties And Pajamas

Irrespective of the time of the year your baby is born, they would sleep, on average, eighteen (18) hours every day. They must be comfortable.

For warmer weather: select thin cotton, bag sleepers, and one-piece sleepers; these are similar to nightgowns, but they feature a closure across the down part.

For colder weather: select heavier-weight footy pajamas, also known as blanket sleepers.

Baby clothing is one of the best ways to give your newborn a pleasant appearance. As a parent knowing the important clothes for your new baby is very vital. It helps in making your newborn feel special and unique.