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6 Best Baby Bottles in 2021

Baby Drinking Milk

Table of Contents

One of the most important decisions you can make regarding your baby’s feeding is selecting the perfect baby bottle. It can be a tiring when you look at the endless list of options available online. Besides, there are now many different features that distinguish baby bottles. But luckily for you, we have surveyed the market and compiled a list of best baby bottles in 2021.

So, apart from breastfeeding, you can now choose the best baby bottles in 2021. These bottles have some innovative smart designs that can help your ‘baby’s feeding time a hassle-free experience. There are even some that help to protect your baby from health conditions.

We know you cannot wait to see the list of the best baby bottles in 2021. Just sit back and look at the unique features of each baby bottles outline below.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle (Overall)

tommee tippee

If ‘you’re looking for the best baby bottles in terms of flexibility, affordability, and ease, then the Tommee Tippee bottles are just what you need. These baby bottles are designed to mimic the ‘mother’s breast, and they support easy cleaning for parents and stress-free latching for babies.
More so, a lot of parents who combo-feed their babies and wants them to switch between breast and bottle purchase Tommy Tippee easily. These baby bottles have an easy-latch nipple that makes them one of the best baby bottles.

Other features that make Tippee bottles the best baby bottles for curvy comfort include:

  • They are curved in a manner that allows babies to hold them without any support.
  • They have small rims that prevent brushes from sticking to the sides
  • They are highly affordable and are easier to clean
  • They are designed to mimic the ‘mother’s breast to encourage nipple acceptance.
  • They have a vent valve that permits an extra slow flow to prevent choking
  • They have a hygienic seal cap that protects against germs and bacteria
  • The Tommee Tippee party box contains six Tommy Tippee feeding bottles, caps and nipples each.

Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottles
(Best for Newborns)

Munchkin Latch Anti Colic Baby Bottles

It can be quite tricky to switch from breast to bottle for some newborns. But a lot of parents have discovered that the Munchkin bottle is the best baby bottles for newborns. This bottle carries all the essential properties that a newborn needs-Dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and designed to prevent colic. You should consider this bottle if you want your newborn to switch from breast to bottle without any stress.

Other exciting features that make them the Munchkin Latch the best baby bottles for newborns include:

  • The design of their nipples makes it easy to stretch, pump, and release milk just like a breast
  • You can pump breast milk directly into them
  • The starter set includes two-eight ounce bottles and two-four ounce bottles with pump adapters, nipples, cleaning brush, sealing disks, as well as a pacifier.

Dr. ‘Brown’s Original Bottle
(Best for gas)

Dr. Browns Original Bottle

When it comes to baby bottles with an active venting system, Dr. Brown’s bottles still stands out of all the best baby bottles. This bottle prevents air bubbles, reduces gas, burping, spit-up, and even colic. The set offers four anti-colic bottles having a plain lightweight design that is easy to hold. More so, Dr ‘Brown’s bottles still stand as one of the best baby bottles due to its vacuum-free effect, which helps to preserve the nutrients in milk and formula.

Other exciting features that make Dr ‘Brown’s bottles the best baby bottles include:

  • It helps babies that drink too fast to drink slower automatically
  • It has a unique design that allows milk to flow only in sections
  • It is the perfect choice for babies that suffer from colic or Reflux
  • The design supports bottle-fed, breastfed, and combined babies
  • It has travel caps that make travelling easy

Philip Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottles
(Best for Colic)

Philip Avent Anti colic Baby Bottles

The Philip anti-colic baby bottles are designed to reduce colic symptoms in your baby. Studies have shown that babies aged two weeks and above showed 60% less infusing when fed with the Avent anti-colic bottles as compared to other branded bottles.
Again, the Philip Avent anti-colic bottle provides a continuous feed for babies. The nipples have a ribbed texture that provides an anti-collapse feature.

Other exciting features of the Philip Avent Anti-colic baby bottles that make it stands out as one of the best baby bottles include:

  • Unlike many other anti-colic brands of baby bottles, the nipples of the Avent anti-colic are interchangeable with Philips Avent Natural nipples. So, you ‘don’t have to a whole separate set.
  • They are simple to assemble and clean.
  • The lids are low-profile and do not take up too much space
  • They are easy to toss into a diaper bag on the go

Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green
(Best Easy-to-clean)

Comotomo Baby Bottle Green

When it comes to ultra-flexibility and dual venting system, the Comotomo Baby bottles are the best baby bottles. You can easily adjust them to your hand size. They even have a soft, squeezable base that you can quickly grasp. They are a favourite among new parents due to their sleek, ergonomic design.
Also, the Comotomo bottles are the easiest to clean and you ‘don’t necessarily have to use a bottle brush to wash them. You can rinse them easily without leaving out any nooks and crannies- this is made possible due to their super-wide necks.

Other exciting features that make the Comotomo bottles a part of the best baby bottles in 2021 includes:

  • They are more leak-proof than many other brands
  • They are heat resistant and can be cleaned in either boiling water or the microwave without damaging their functional parts.
  • The bottles are easy to loosen using a simple flick of your thumb- this is due to the tab on the ‘nipple’s side.
  • They also offer dual vents to prevent colic in babies

Evenflo Feeding Angled Premium Proflo Vented Plus
(Best for Acid Reflux)

Evenflo Feeding Angled Premium Proflo Vented Plus

The Evenflo bottle helps to control flow speed and pressure, especially for babies with feeding difficulties like acid reflux, gas, and colic. This feature makes the out Evenflo bottles stand out as one of the best baby bottles. Meanwhile, they prevent overfeeding, and the venting system keeps trapped milk bubbles and air in the bottle.
Also, the angled shape of the Evenflo bottles allows you to feed your baby in an upright position- which is crucial to prevent acid reflux

Other exciting features that make the Evenflo bottles the best baby bottles for acid reflux include:

  • They are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe
  • They have only three parts, unlike other bottles designed for acid reflux
  • They have a straightforward design and shape
  • The micro air vents allow the nipples to stand firm and prevent interruptions during feeding
  • The soft silicone nipple control your baby from spitting or overfeeding
  • You get a large number of bottles which is easy to organize for a long day
  • The large size is suitable for toddlers too.

By now, you should be able to decide the best baby bottles that will suit your ‘baby’s feeding needs. You ‘don’t have to go through discomfort while feeding your baby anymore. Your baby can stay calm and rested if you make the right choice of baby strollers. Remember! Your baby deserves the best feeding experience to remain happy. So ensure you get the best baby bottles to keep every feeding challenge at bay.